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Sunday, August 22, 2010
My New Dog :D

hey ya hey ya all :D
haha i wanna share a good news for youuu !
i have a new dog !! i have it almost 2 weeks, i think. but i cannot post about it 2 weeks ago, so i wanna post it NOW hiho ;D
i wanna share some of the pics too, check it out ;)

it is Mimy :D it was taking bath time, but almost finish sihh hahaha :D
the others photos of Mimy gonna post next time, because i haven't moved it from my phone to my computer, hehe. so that's all that i wanna post. i hope Mimy can be grow faster and more cute :D babaii all :D

with ♥, sntycheesy.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010
Roti Karamel

Roti Karamel :9

Bahan :
☺ 12 potong roti dengan kulit, potong 4
☺ 50 gr mentega/margarin
☺ 1 bh apel, kupas, potong dadu 1cm
☺ 100 gr kismis, cuci tiriskan
☺ 175 gr gula pasir
☺ 2 sdm air
☺ 1 sdm air jeruk nipis
☺ 50 gr gula pasir
☺ 500 cc susu, larutkan dengan gula pasir
☺ 1 sdt kayumanis bubuk

Cara Membuat :
1. Jerangkan gula dalam wajan dengan api kecil sampai gosong, perciki dengan air dan air jeruk nipis, aduk rata, tuang dalam pinggan tahan panas.
2. Olesi roti dengan mentega/margarin, susun sebagian roti dalam pinggan berisi karamel.
3. Taburkan sebagian kismis dan apel. Letakkan diatasnya sisa irisan roti, taburi sisa kismis dan apel. Tuangi susu bercampur kayumanis, panggang sampai kecokelatan.
4. Selamat Menikmatii :)

with ♥, sntycheesy.

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Monday, August 9, 2010
Puding Orange

Puding Orange :9

Bahan :

-Lapisan putih :
♣ 1 bungkus agar-agar bubuk
♣ 350 ml whip cream
♣ 400 ml susu
♣ 100 gr gula pasir
♣ essens vanilli (secukupnya)

-Lapisan Kuning :
♦ 1 bungkus agar-agar bubuk
♦ 1 kaleng jeruk mandarin, blender sebentar bersama airnya, tambahkan air matang hingga
♦ 400ml
♦ 150 ml air
♦ 150 gr gula pasir

Cara Membuat :

-Puding Putih :
1. Campur dan larutkan susu, agar-agar, vanili, rebus dengan api kecil sambil diaduk.
2. Masukkan gula, aduk hingga larut dan mendidih angkat dari api, diamkan sebentar
3. Beri whip cream, aduk rata.
4. Tuang keadalam cetakan
5. Sisihkan

-Puding Kuning :
1. Campurkan jeruk, agar-agar dan air, didihkan sambil diaduk, masukkan gula aduk sampai larut, angkat dari api
2. Tuang ke atas lapisan puding putih yang sudah mulai mengeras
3. Dinginkan
4. Siap dihidangkan, Selamat Menikmati :9


with ♥, sntycheesy.

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hello hello hello !! :)
whoaa, i'm so busy this week, because of the exams (grrr..) ohyea, in the last post, i said that i want to post a new recipe, but so sorry because i forgot ! lol after this post, i really promise will post that new recipe for you all :D

yapp, today i've accounting exam, it wasn't so difficult, but i really afraid i'm not to careful in that sum :( i just hope that my answer is right. (so hopingggg :D)
tomorrow is HOLIDAY for me !!! (yeayy) because it's the first day of Ramadan. Only 1 day, yea it's so sad, but because of that holiday, i can open this blog again for a little while, i guess, hihi.
oyea, in this week, i'll have 2 more exams, it's Geography on Thursday and History on Friday. I hope i'll get my maximum score there :))

umm, i think now i've a little problem with idea, i don't have any idea to write about new things here :( i don't know why that problem can happen to me. But i think maybe because of a lot of exams at my school so that i don't have a time to think the other matter, include the idea about new things. So, i'm so sorry if you're boring when read or opened my blog. I know you definite can understand about my problem :D

yeapp, i think this is enough for my diary, hope i don't forget to post the new recipe (hehe..), yapp so babaiii all :) see you at the next post, cheer up all :D

with ♥, sntycheesy :)

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