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Monday, August 9, 2010

hello hello hello !! :)
whoaa, i'm so busy this week, because of the exams (grrr..) ohyea, in the last post, i said that i want to post a new recipe, but so sorry because i forgot ! lol after this post, i really promise will post that new recipe for you all :D

yapp, today i've accounting exam, it wasn't so difficult, but i really afraid i'm not to careful in that sum :( i just hope that my answer is right. (so hopingggg :D)
tomorrow is HOLIDAY for me !!! (yeayy) because it's the first day of Ramadan. Only 1 day, yea it's so sad, but because of that holiday, i can open this blog again for a little while, i guess, hihi.
oyea, in this week, i'll have 2 more exams, it's Geography on Thursday and History on Friday. I hope i'll get my maximum score there :))

umm, i think now i've a little problem with idea, i don't have any idea to write about new things here :( i don't know why that problem can happen to me. But i think maybe because of a lot of exams at my school so that i don't have a time to think the other matter, include the idea about new things. So, i'm so sorry if you're boring when read or opened my blog. I know you definite can understand about my problem :D

yeapp, i think this is enough for my diary, hope i don't forget to post the new recipe (hehe..), yapp so babaiii all :) see you at the next post, cheer up all :D

with ♥, sntycheesy :)

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